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Why I embarked for a long term inspirational journey around the world & how it feels to be back

The ever subconscious urge of wanderlust has been hiding in me since I was a kid.

I’ve recently come back from a 2-year inspirational journey around the world, exploring 24 countries and 5 continents including Antarctica.

I am a female solo traveller.  I don’t travel to ‘escape reality’ or fill in any void, or search for meaning of life, or you name it….
I feel like, life and its meaning is with us every single day, doesn’t matter the place we are at the moment.

I just simply love discovering and seeing our beautiful planet, people and nature. I know and understand myself pretty well, enjoy living in a moment, in honesty and happily grow as a human soul learning every day.

I never really realized or let’s be honest, allowed myself to feel it for many years. To help you understand better, let me explain my background bit more.

I’m from small town in Slovakia…

Coming from humble family, for many years, I could only dream about travelling. Ask yourself, how many Slovakians have your met on your travels or in life? Not many, really.

Born and raised during communism an option of seeing the world, leaving your country was simply non-existent due to closed borders. Fortunately, I was one of the first generations that were able to cross the boarders and travel across Europe. There is this unique blend of two worlds that I feel strongly inside of me.
Living in London, I managed to stay focused, work hard, save some money and not give in when life got more complicated from time to time. While most of my work colleagues are all settled or were planning to settle down, I was planning and dreaming of travelling and leaving all the ‘securities’ behind. After being on the road for 2 years, one could happily argue about false sense of security and how fear is ruling many peoples life.

I had a well-paid job and what’s the best about it, I love what I do, so I consider myself being fortunate in this sense. I know, some people thought that I’ve gone crazy (including my family) leaving it all behind, but I said, “No one will live my life for me, so I listened and followed my heart”. Honestly listening to your intuition will free you of any fear.

I gave myself and to my ‘inner child’ a total freedom of movement, have taken lots of rest, quiet time and set off to discover our beautiful mother earth.

Sense of belonging has been a difficult topic to lock down for me, as I’ve always felt as an outsider for various reasons. Deep in my soul I’m proud to be Slovakian and love my country. Where do I really belong is other question, which I don’t have an answer for. I’m not that worried anymore especially after reading ……existential migrant…… which I can very much identify with. To keep it simple, “Home is where my heart is, my heart is here with me”.

Being back from travels feels right to me, I haven’t experienced any post-travel blues. I guess it could be down to a fact that I haven’t split two life realities, as many do: (“real working life” & “travelling life”).

For me, my life is my One Reality!

I just feel humbly enriched by so many different experiences and opportunities that are coming along my way.
Basically, I keep things in life simple. I deal with situations and needs when they need to be addressed, at the moment of necessity.
All I’m wishing for is a good health and open heart to be able to share in any way possible.

So, folks! Let’s try to enjoy every single moment we have in this precious life.

Vast scale of different experiences and people we meet during our journey through life are the most important influences that will make us grow.

Just go, explore, any way possible and get rid of your fears.

Love and big hug to all!

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