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Waiting for Antarctica

Dispite of having to wait one week before I sale to see this big white continent, I find myself sitting calmly in Ushuaia. I guess it’s been such a long time coming that few more days won’t mean much.

Now, all I can hope for is that weather will be with me and I’ll be finally able to visit ‘white land’. I managed to get last-minute deal here in Ushuaia and will be joining “Quest for the Antarctic Circle” for 12 nights on board of ship called M/S Expedition . On the photo bellow it’s the red ship in port of Ushuaia.

Explorer ship Ushuaia

(photo taken by Windows Phone 7, HTC 7 Mozart)

Big Day:
the 8th March returning on 20th March.


Itinerary Map Day 1 Ushuaia
Day 2-3 The Drake Passage
Day 4-5 Antarctic Peninsula & the South Shetland Islands
Day 6-7 Polar Circle Crossing
Day 8-10 Antarctic Peninsula & the South Shetland Islands
Day 11-12 The Drake Passage
Day 13 Ushuaia

Highlights: The planet’s last frontier!
I can only start guessing what they’ll be for me. Everyone has different expectations, I almost none. I’m so happy for the opportunity and just want to go, see and feel the moment of being so close to vast white land, icebergs, wilderness, wildlife and sea. Stepping my feet on the Great White Continent or managing to cross Polar Circle!? = bonus, so let’s wait for what might come and soak in the upcoming moments.

More Info: You can read detailed itinerary on this trip on Gap Adventures website.

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