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At Bolivian market

Yesterday I was slowly walking the streets of La Paz and enjoying market buzz. Stopped at one stand with small, cute dresses of all type and colours. Woman approached and me with big smile just told her, how entertaining and original some of this work was. We started a random chat and somewhere in middle of it I mentioned. Oh, I can't really buy any I don't have children. She looked at me with tender smile on her face and told me. These all are for dogs. Moment of silence followed by loud laughter. What a hell, daily embarrassment is...

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Entering Argentina with a single ticket & non-chip passport

One of my big concerns was entering Argentina. First of all I have to come back to a fact of getting on the plane at all. As I’ve read and been warned by people, that without having return or onward ticket from/to South America, the airline will most probably refuse my plane boarding. Pretty worrying fact, if they happily sell you the single ticket anyway. I was flying with Air Europa from London to Madrid then waiting 2 hours at Barajas to board my plane to Buenos Aires. Despite of all warnings, I’ve decided to take a risk and go with...

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