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My Tattoo/s or long time coming of getting inked for a life

Now where could I start? This really has been long time coming for me. For many years I’ve been thinking of getting inked and now I’ve finally got to it and it has been a journey of its own, trust me. One thing that I always had clear in my mind was that I would get inked only if I would have designed my own tattoo. There was no other way for me. It had to come from my heart, simple as that. So, let me take you through the process and believe me, for a designer there is not worse project or mission than designing your own website,...

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Antarctica: boarding ms Expedition with pleasant surprise

Being a last-minute passenger on the trip to Antarctica does not leave you with your bagpack being delivered to your cabin door, neither it provides with special Canadian Goose Winter Jacket, but that’s not why I’ve embarked on this journey in the first place. To be an around the world traveller, extra jacket would give me just additional cost of having to sending it back home, like I’ll have to do with my Antarctica book and journey certifications after my trip is finished. My last day in Ushuaia before embarking went fortunately...

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Flight to Argentina with Aerolíneas Argentinas

Waiting in Barajas Madrid, sitting by the window and checking my big Jumbo Plane, which would take me to South America. I still find it amazing how such a big, heavy flying monster can actually take off, fascinating for the laic eye. Argentinian Airlines were good to me. Think any English only speaker might not say the same, as on such a long flight they’ve put only one movie, all in Spanish and with old style TVs in corridor. Dream on about luxury of having your own TV in the seat in front of you with your own selection of entertainment. I...

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