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Buenos Aires: My confession – Mi confesión

  "Mi Confesion" by Gotan Project. The album is from their critically acclaimed 'Lunatico'. “My confession” I always liked this song a lot, but have never thought I would one day feel so close to it, as I do right now. Being in special city for two month now has opened up for me so many new things to learn, understand and feel. Thank you Buenos Aires and to everyone who made it possible. Wow, what an electric intensity, love, I feel so alive! Sad to leave, but in a need of motion to keep on breathing. It's the duality within...

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Recycled paper Art

I enjoyed checking out each piece created by this artist using recycled paper. Special blog post dedicated to Origami girl back in London. (You know who you are ).

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Street advertising in Buenos Aires

There were couple of street advertisements that have caught my attention. This first one was for me the best I’ve seen while strolling through the streets. It’s clean, cute and tells the message well.   This second one made me laugh out loud while waiting for train inside one of the Subte (metro / tube / subway) station. Let me tell you that design didn’t impress me at all. It was the additional text that some ‘creative or frustrated’ person wrote on top of it with black marker. Text goes like this: ‘cada persona es un...

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Breast-feeding Virgin Marry or things you could witness in San Telmo Market

Finally I’ve seen religious statue that I like. Virging Marry in her full glory looking after Jesus. Who ever made this little statue has my respect! I also find out that Vatican approves breast-feeding images of Virgin Marry, so I should be safe from any inquisition, right!?   Next I came across this TV bellow. I think photos explain it all. Made me smile big time. Anyone needs second-hand TV?   Lots of other cool stuff to be found on the Sunday Market.

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