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Antarctica: Crossing Drake Passage – nicknamed later to ‘Drake Lake’

I must say that sometimes not knowing too much about what’s ahead of you in life is the best prevention. I’ve been told few scary things about notoriously famous Drake Passage where three diffrent oceans meet. Just imagine the riot that can come out of three different enemies. There are always two scenarios: - happy party time = 'chill time' or - the one with all its madness = 'vomit at your pleasure party time'. Our two days crossing was the chilled one, as I’ve been told. Even captain Nicolay kept reminding me that it’s...

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Antarctica: boarding ms Expedition with pleasant surprise

Being a last-minute passenger on the trip to Antarctica does not leave you with your bagpack being delivered to your cabin door, neither it provides with special Canadian Goose Winter Jacket, but that’s not why I’ve embarked on this journey in the first place. To be an around the world traveller, extra jacket would give me just additional cost of having to sending it back home, like I’ll have to do with my Antarctica book and journey certifications after my trip is finished. My last day in Ushuaia before embarking went fortunately...

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Waiting for Antarctica

Dispite of having to wait one week before I sale to see this big white continent, I find myself sitting calmly in Ushuaia. I guess it’s been such a long time coming that few more days won’t mean much. Now, all I can hope for is that weather will be with me and I’ll be finally able to visit ‘white land’. I managed to get last-minute deal here in Ushuaia and will be joining “Quest for the Antarctic Circle” for 12 nights on board of ship called M/S Expedition . On the photo bellow it’s the red ship in port of...

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