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Surfing at North Shore Oahu Hawaii – not alone

So, here I go. My first day at north, rented a board from Hawaiian legend Button – buttonsurfschool.com
Get out there with pretty strong wind, so every meter was a battle out there at open see.

Just a few surfers, me and ?

So, here I sit on board watching waves seeing one I could catch, I’m turning into position, lying down and suddenly there is a dark object moving next to me.
Suddenly head pops out looking at me and I realize it’s a giant turtle ( who knows me, we are talking about over half size of me, no kidding).
Then I look at my other side and there is another turtle, floating and catching the waves.
My time, my life stopped in this moment, everything stopped. I was accompanied by two giant turtles.
I mean, amazing new friends watching me just 1 meter away from me.
Special moment, wow, Hawaii special at its full.

Thank you my new friends, thank you life for this awe inspiring moment.


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