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Flight to Argentina with Aerolíneas Argentinas

Waiting in Barajas Madrid, sitting by the window and checking my big Jumbo Plane, which would take me to South America. I still find it amazing how such a big, heavy flying monster can actually take off, fascinating for the laic eye.

Argentinian Airlines were good to me. Think any English only speaker might not say the same, as on such a long flight they’ve put only one movie, all in Spanish and with old style TVs in corridor. Dream on about luxury of having your own TV in the seat in front of you with your own selection of entertainment. I certainly didn’t mind, as I had a big fat smile on my face as soon as we took off. Not only I had cool window seat, but two seats next to me were empty. I was one of the few lucky ones that had space to stretch and sleep. Take that for Tourist class = luxury. I slept well.


One of my highlights of the Aerolíneas Argentinas was dinner, not only served by great looking woman with sexy accent, but her first question was: “quiere carne o pollo?” (do you want meat or chicken?)

I immediately settled into the notion of country where meat is the way of life. Just how good Argentinian meat is! It surely deserves a story of its own. Best plane dinner I’ve had so far was stew beef with rice served by Aerolíneas Argentinas, of course had to be accompanied by red wine and my shiny appreciative smiling eyes.

That was start of my journey and somehow I knew it’s going to be special.

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