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Entering Argentina with a single ticket & non-chip passport

One of my big concerns was entering Argentina. First of all I have to come back to a fact of getting on the plane at all. As I’ve read and been warned by people, that without having return or onward ticket from/to South America, the airline will most probably refuse my plane boarding.

Pretty worrying fact, if they happily sell you the single ticket anyway. I was flying with Air Europa from London to Madrid then waiting 2 hours at Barajas to board my plane to Buenos Aires.

Despite of all warnings, I’ve decided to take a risk and go with single ticket only. Flying out of Gatwick, I had smoothest check in ever. I didn’t have to wait at all, I mean no queue at all; take that for a start of the journey! All went well, no silly questions, if I have enough money or onward ticket, just very nice flight attendant and good vibes.

I must say, I had Annie to support me with good energy and her advice to print out Bank Statements from my accounts to have them as proof of my funds. Very simple, but great advice. Thank you! (and also for driving me to the airport and cooking delicious chicken soup with dumplings = priceless. With me being still ill it was a massive help. Don’t worry I’m not going to post that video of you driving and swearing, ha-ha-ha).

At the airport security checks, I’ve been held up with thorough search and to my own embarrassment, (brother, stop reading this paragraph now) I’ve forgotten to put into my checked in luggage my special Swiss Army knife that I’ve got from my lovely brother on Christmas. Damn it! All the possible swearwords in all languages I know were floating in my head. I had to say goodbye to my knife, my own fault, so it’s gone now.

Entering the Argentinian boarding control was smooth. I didn’t get asked any questions at all and my old passport that is valid until 2013 was just fine, despite of Slovakian embassy in Buenos Aires stating on their website that I need new passport with chip.

All the way I stayed positive, saying to myself: “Everything will be fine, I’ll get through.” I did!

Well, Hello Argentina, here I come.

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