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Antarctica: Crossing Drake Passage – nicknamed later to ‘Drake Lake’

I must say that sometimes not knowing too much about what’s ahead of you in life is the best prevention. I’ve been told few scary things about notoriously famous Drake Passage where three diffrent oceans meet.
Just imagine the riot that can come out of three different enemies. There are always two scenarios:
– happy party time = ‘chill time’
– the one with all its madness = ‘vomit at your pleasure party time’.

Our two days crossing was the chilled one, as I’ve been told. Even captain Nicolay kept reminding me that it’s unbelievable how calm sea was, that even in prime summer these waters don’t stay so quiet. I’ve told him that it’s because I am on board and I’ve asked the weather man for smooth introduction to oceans.



Despite of so called calm seas, I was taking sea sickness pills, as rocking of the ship was still too much for me and there were few moments when the horizontal position combined by hugging pillow was the most bearable for me.

What can I say? Slovakia doesn’t have sea = newbie lost in ocean. Tablets helped a lot, but I had to fight strong side effect of never ending sleepiness, it was really hard to stay awake. On one lecture I was sitting at the back on barstool and fell asleep. Sliding down in coma, luckily, I managed to land on my left leg and immediately stood on both feet. Must have been my ice hockey player agility skills kicking in saving me, hahaha.


This picture above was taken on early morning when visibility was very poor and we were just entering the area of the first possible floating icebergs. Reminds you of something?

I found it very exciting. Especially, as I was able to follow with one eye the radar on the bridge and with the other the mist, imagining all the strange floating objects in the water.

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Mima - 25. Mar, 2011 - Reply

Sounds super duper!
Hope the trek going well too?