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My Tattoo/s or long time coming of getting inked for a life

Now where could I start? This really has been long time coming for me. For many years I’ve been thinking of getting inked and now I’ve finally got to it and it has been a journey of its own, trust me. One thing that I always had clear in my mind was that I would get inked only if I would have designed my own tattoo. There was no other way for me. It had to come from my heart, simple as that. So, let me take you through the process and believe me, for a designer there is not worse project or mission than designing your own website,...

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Recycled paper Art

I enjoyed checking out each piece created by this artist using recycled paper. Special blog post dedicated to Origami girl back in London. (You know who you are ).

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Santiago Alonso: Paisaje Adentro

One of the exhibitions I’ve seen in Buenos Aires was by Santiago Alonso called Paisaje Adentro (I could loosely try to translate this to ‘Landscape Inwards’). I liked his pen drawings with its lines and textures creating more complex visual landscapes.

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